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Affiliations internationales

L’aloss asbl est membre des associations internationales suivantes:


ISSA - International Social Security Association, créée en 1927 (CIMAS)

The roots of the International Social Security Association lie in mutual insurance, the collective response of 19th-century European industrial workers to illness, unemployment, disability and old age. In the space of eight decades, the ISSA has expanded into a truly worldwide Association, now bringing together more than 330 organizations in 158 countries. With the immense challenges the world is facing, its commitment to promoting social security will be needed more than ever to secure social justice for all. AISS 10 defis mondiaux pour la securite sociale

ESIP - European Social Insurance Platform, créée en 1996

The members promote the exchange of information and good practice, cooperation, constructive behaviour and synergies. The Platform, in its proposals and positions, gives full respect to the diversity of its member organisations. It realises its objectives in complete independence of any third party. It is bound only by the law and the rules of its members. Its goal is the promotion and development of solidarity in social protections systems.

EISS - European Institute of Social Security, créé en 1968

The E.I.S.S. is an international scientific organisation gathering people interested in the field of social security and social protection throughout Europe and beyond. It has a comparative, multi-national and multi-disciplinary approach to social security.