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World congress on future nursing systems - new approaches - new evidence for 2020 - 12th IOS World Congress 2012

There is evidence that future healthcare systems in general and nursing systems in particular facing major challenges due to access and availability of system specific services. Some of these challenges are related to new and more effective diagnostic procedures and treatment options based on outcomes of groundbreaking research in medical sciences. Increase in chronic illness and changes in awareness of health related quality of life and active ageing will generate new expectations and requirements among healthcare consumers. Healthcare providers need to know the variety and amount of requirements for self-care, dependent care and professional nursing care and the impact this may have on nursing systems in advance.

New technologies and indicatory healthcare practices will become influential in the design of future healthcare and nursing systems.

There is evidence that one of the results of these changes will be a faster growing market worldwide. One of the major tasks will be development of institutional and personal abilities to create age-related and self-care oriented programs to help people understand the future demands of healthcare strategies.

In 2012, the 12th biennial IOS World Congress provided a forum for various healthcare and non-healthcare professionals to present and discuss research findings, practice models and practice visions to improve and foster the development for healthcare and nursing care delivery in different societies.

The International Orem Society for Nursing Science and Scholarship and the Luxembourg Ministry of Social Security cohosted the congress from May 10 - 13, 2012 in Luxembourg. The event was in particular placed in the context of the '2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations'. Keynote speakers and presenters from more than 25 nations were evidence that this years' conference topic, "Future Nursing Systems - New Approaches - New Evidence for 2020", is important around the world.

Bulletin luxembourgeois des questions sociales numéro 29.